Metal parts are manufactured for indoor transformer stations, both building-type and underground ones.
Industrias Jovir is approved as a manufacturer company for transformer station fittings by Iberdrola in compliance with Standard NI 50.20.03. 
We also manufacture metal parts for other electricity companies’ transformer stations.

Underground Transformer Stations
Fittings for underground Transformer Stations.
Horizontal ventilation grille.
Frame + entrance cover
Frame + manhole cover
Horizontal ventilation grille.
Set door and metal mesh
Metal parts for inside Transformer Stations
Transformer support rails. Normal pit metal parts: L= 1.20 m. Elongated pit metal parts: L= 1.70 m. Lower half with slats.
Transformer protection. Standard space width = 2.20 m.
Set of drains.
Fire-extinguishing grille. 500x500 mm.

Other approved metal parts:
• Edge protection (by metre of wall to be covered)
• Oil collection pit.
• Transformer brakes.
• Low voltage panel bench.

Oil collection well