INDUSTRIAS JOVIR, S.L. was founded in 1978 and has been making metal structures for electrical use ever since. We have our very own galvanising plant and automated robotised thermo-lacquered painting installations. in 2003 we opened a hot dip galvanizing plant and since 2012 have termolacada painting facilities.

We have facilities covering an area of 70,000 m2 housing our factory lines: lighting, electrical distribution, galvanising and painting.

We make curved posts and straight columns for street lights, high masts with a moveable or fixed crown, metal lattice masts and lighting for large areas or sports stadiums, as well as braces to support floodlights and lamps.

For the carrying and distribution of electricity, we provide tubular masts made of sheet metal and metal masts (plus fittings) for electrical cables, as well as structures for electrical substations and metal parts for Transformer Substations for electrical companies.

We also produce telephone, radio and television masts.

We are approved suppliers of the main electrical companies such as IBERDROLA, ENDESA, GAS NATURAL FENOSA and E.ON ESPAÑA.

Engineering and R+D

The technology INDUSTRIAS JOVIR S.L. has, and the flexibility of our processes, means we can produce products to meet the individual technical and commercial specifications of our clients.

Our proven experience, coupled with our versatility, excellent production quality and customer service, ensures we can tackle international markets safe in the knowledge we can meet the technical and quality demands of any of them and fulfil the aims and objectives of our clients.

Our ongoing investment in Research and Development ensures we can always offer the very latest as regards products, quality, design, services and implementation.


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Europeo de Desarrollo Regional
Misión Comercial Directa a Marruecos, celebrada del 17 al 21 de octubre de 2016, organizada por la Cámara de Comercio, Industria y Navegación de Murcia, y cofinanciada por el Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER). y el Instituto de Fomento de la Región de Murcia.
Actuaciones destinadas al fomento de la eficiencia energética y el uso de energías renovables cofinanciada por el Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER) y la región de Murcia: Auditoria energética determinando el potencial de ahorro energético y renovación de equipos de iluminación.